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We use our cars every day to get from Point A to Point B, so car maintenance isn’t something to take lightly. With construction, road and weather hazards, irresponsible drivers, etc., you do not want to add poor car maintenance to the list of factors that could affect yours or your family’s safety. This is why you’ll want to take it to an auto body repair shop without delay.

As a collision center, we specialize in performing the sometimes extensive repairs that are required after hitting another vehicle or object. Collision repair is not something you can afford to neglect, as even low-speed collisions can result in serious damage. Minor vehicle restorations are also offered for when the damage is less severe.

We can also repaint vehicles. Serious accidents can do a number on a paint job, so you may as well take this as an opportunity to get the vehicle to look the way you want. Nor is this limited to cars; our motorcycle painting shop can do great work on your bike. Auto air conditioning repair is another service that we offer.

Contact us at Johnny’s Finer Finishes in Pontiac, MI, to set up an appointment at a great collision center. Keep the roads and yourself safe!

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